Steve Pikelny

[ 2023 ]

A highly controversial children's book I wrote in 2011, illustrated by HausOfDecline in 2023. It got 50 million views on twitter.
A kingdom of modular ERC721 contracts designed to bypass OpenSea's royalty policy.

[ 2022 ]

An NFT obstacle course. If you don't want to read the contracts, I explain it more here.
A simulation of me sketching 100 variations of the same idea. By the end I find myself repeatedly asking: What's the point of it all?
  • Winner (Deck of Degeneracy)
  • Loser (Deck of Degeneracy)

[ 2021 ]

Imagine Coin
A very technical conceptual art project about a token that may or may not exist.
A token I gifted to my collectors, which I have the ability to revoke.

[ 2020 ]

A sleazy, opportunistic e-commerce platform selling a collection of pandemic-themed face masks and t-shirts I designed.

[ 2019 ]

A recreation of a real conversation I had with a dating app cat fisher.
An email correspondence with a UFO expert.

[ 2018 ]

An ERC20 contract, where its tokens are not a security. Although, it might technically be a pyramid scheme.
A collection of small, audio-visual projects using HTML audio and CSS animations.

[ 2017 ]

[ 2016 ]

A fake fake news site I made over my 2016 Christmas vacation. At first I thought it was very funny, but now I'm disgusted with myself.
Transform text into vague nonsense using a markov chain generator.

[ 2015 ]