Steve Pikelny

NFT/Crypto Art

Terminally Online
[2022] A series of decentralized web pages exploring the existential dread of using the internet.
[2022] An NFT scavenger hunt. If you don't want to read the contracts, I explain it more here.
Imagine Coin
[2021] A very technical conceptual art project about a token that may or may not exist.
[2021] A token I gifted to my collectors, which I have the ability to revoke.
[2018] An ERC20 contract, where its tokens are not a security. Although, it might technically be a pyramid scheme.


[2020] A sleazy, opportunistic e-commerce platform selling a collection of pandemic-themed face masks and t-shirts I designed.
[2019] A love letter to weird internet subcultures. A fake community of targeted individuals, starseeds, and pyramid scheme victims. A place where characters live in our world, but in a different reality. Some are real, and some are fake. The ads point to a highly curated collection of scam websites, with some of my sites thrown in for good measure.

This used to be a fully functioning web app, where anyone could sign in, make posts, message each other, and interact with a series of bots. But it now lives on in read-only mode.
[2017] A collection of small, audio-visual projects using HTML5 audio and css animations.
[2016] A fake fake news site I made over my 2016 Christmas vacation. At first I thought it was very funny, but now I'm disgusted with myself.
Transform text into vague nonsense using a markov chain generator.
A quick tool to play music with HTML5 Audio. There's syntax documentation at the bottom of the page, and a sample tune logged to the console.
This has drastically different behavior between Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. I'm not entirely sure why.