Each Cold Hard Cash (CASH) token holder may request that the currency depicted in their token's thumbnail be mailed to them. All shipment costs above the cost of standard domestic postage shall be made at the expense of the token holder. The Artist shall not be held liable for any shipments lost in the mail. The Artist shall make a good faith effort to store all physical currency until such mailing takes place, but makes no guarantee on their ability to carry out said shipment. Please contact the Artist directly to arrange a shipment.

The reserve price of each auction is based on the following calculation:

$G/16 + (USDETH * ($U + $L/16))


USDETH = 0.00064 (USD/ETH exchange rate as of 10/18/2023) $G = 0.314 (Total gas expense of deploying CASH contract + auction initialization) $U = The nominal USD value depicted in the NFT thumbnail $L = 18.56 hours of labor * $15.00 (NYC minimum wage)



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